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Holiday season is around the corner, so now is the time to get those lighting fixtures and outside receptacles in fine working order.  Call today, and mention this Blog ad to recieve 10% off all work between now and Dcember 1, 2011.

As we enter the tenth year anniversary of the fallen on 911, lets pray for them and thier families as well as for Gods guidance through these troubled times.



  1. Neeal on September 3, 2012 at 9:58 PM said:
    Having served an apeosticenhipfrr 5 years and worked onall aspects of the electrical trade from 12volt vehicle electrics to 460 volt DC cranes and wired hundreds of houses and worked on nuclear power staions .factories ,motor torpedo boats and 20 years my own business installing both fire and burglar alarms I find it annoying that I cannot legally install A 13 AMP Socket in my own home because I have not got the certificate. Many older electricians gave up the trade because of the unneccessary expense of going through the system. As it happens it does not bother me as I have reached retiring age a few years ago but after 50 years in the trade I find it a bit of a farce that people are being given 6 months training and being classed as skilled because they have a bit of printed paper
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