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Welcome to Louisville.  Our city has become a breeding ground for thugs.  We have mobs of kids terrorizing citizens.  The latest in the crimes on our city is against our children.  These actions must stop, we live in an age where all citizens must be vigilant because government is of no use to us, as the current administrations have shown.  When we remove GOD and all that he stands for from our patriotic country we will become like the thug nation we have become.  This country was founded on religious concepts, and the word of GOD in the words of the BIBLE, and as our society does not want to be held liable for the ruthless behavior they seek than this is what happens.  Louisville has become a have for ruthless behavior, our Government puts more status on the amount of Bourbon bars they can bring in than the spirituality we so desparately need.  Just look at the photo of the playground that has become a death trap    We have to stop ridiculous and calous behavior now
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