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Electrical Services
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Electrical Services
Residential ElectricalServices
Residential Electrical Services

Residential Electrical Services

Thank you for looking at our residential services. You like many consumers are amazed at the vast assortment and array of electrical products and services available to today's home owner. We at Rohrman Electric Inc. take great pride in our work and the products we offer.

The electrician at Rohrman Electric Inc. know how important it is to you and your family to have a safe home to live in and invite family and friends into. The last thing you need to worry about is a non working or dangerous electrical system. With families of our own and the ever changing electrical requirements of the modern day we keep up to date in the requirements of the local ordinances to safely provide the power you need with the safety you demand.

Being based in Louisville, Ky provides us with a wide scope of experience from residential electrical systems of the brand new home to the antiquated. Your safety is job one in our book.  Our electrician will explain each step of the repair and or renovation with you.

Rohrman Electric Inc. residential electrical contractor / electrician will be with you every step of the upgrade or remodeling process.

Rohrman Electric Inc. is a full service electrical contractor, electrician serving Louisville and Kentucky with quality service at a reasonable price.  We are the ones to call for all of your electrical needs from receptacle replacements to heavy electrical work including electrical storm repairs.

Commercial Electrical Services
Commercial Electrical Services

Commercial Electrical Services

With todays growing business electrical and product needs I am sure Rohrman Electric Inc a Louisville, KY based electrical contractoing and supplier of great products. We are here to help you with your business needs no matter how small or large they may seem to you we will take care of the job(s) at hand. Don't hesitate to call today for a free consultation.

As we head into the age of growing energy concerns, a redirection of power consumption of businesses must be addressed.  We are currently working closely with businesses on lowering their bottom line on energy costs.
  A few ways we are lowering your bottom line.

  • Relamp using lower energy bulbs with higher output utilizing electronic ballasts.
  • Installing star rated appliances.
  • Lighting controls, and timers for optimum use, and savings.
  • Installing LED bulbs in place of costly flourescent
  • Rohrman Electric Inc. is the one to call for all of your commercial electrical needs.
  • Flourescent Lighting and Retrofits
  • Green Energy Alternatives
Back Up Generator 
Has your business planned for the next power outage, will you be able to handle the orders and work needed during outages.
Don't let revenue slip through beause of power outages, be prepared with an onsite stand by electrical power generator. 
Keep your business secure and working during outages.
  • EV charging station installations
  • Solar Instalations
  • Transformer
  • Three Phase
Our Services

Our Services

We use electricity all throughout the day.  In the home at work and play.  Electricity is a major part of our lives, so when it is time for your electrical system to be replaced or repaired call Rohrman Electric Inc. and we will send a Master Electrician to diagnose, and repair your systems safely and thoroughly.
Don't chance the safety of yourself, family or business to anyone, but a licensed electrician.

Rohrman Electric Inc. - Services

The risk of personal injury when working with electricity is major if not deadly.  Don't chance electrical shock or death, call today for one of our licensed electricians to do the job for you.

Residential Services / Commercial Services

Includes, but not limited to the following.  
  • Install / Replace Ceiling Fans                                            

  • Aluminum Wire to Copper Wire

  • Remodels / Renovations

  • 120/240 Volt Circuits

  • Bathroom Lighting and receptacles

  • Kitchen lighting and receptacles

  • Recessed Lighting Fixtures Installs and Repairs

  • Landscape Lighting

  • GFCI Plugs for outdoor and Indoor Protection

  • Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCI)

  • Relocate Plugs and Switches

  • Code / Safety Inspections, Repairs

  • Building Additions and Remodeling

  • Building Rewiring

  • Landscape Lighting

  • Circuit Breaker and Fuse Replacements

  • Meter Panel Upgrades

  • Emergency Temporary Installation

  • Single phase / 3 Phase

  • Single Family Electrical Services

  • Multi Family Electrical Services

Minimize Fire Hazards
Minimize Fire Hazards

Minimize Fire Hazards

Minimize Fire Hazards By Looking After Electrical Outlets

When properly designed, professionally installed and correctly

maintained, a residential electrical system poses a minimal risk of

causing a fire. That is in an ideal world and any homeowner knows that

the real world is far from ideal. You should always be on the lookout

for the signs of heightened fire danger in your home and knowing how to

take care of your electrical outlets is an important part of that duty.

The Risks Of Worn-Out Outlets

When they are operating properly, electrical outlets safely transmit

the current your appliances need with minimal risk. When outlets start

to wear out, they become considerably less safe. At the very end of

their life cycle, worn outlets can cause shorting and sparking but the

dangers begin long before this point. When the connections in an outlet

become loose, they can introduce resistance into the circuit made when

you plug in appliances. This resistance translates into heat and that

means a greater risk of starting a fire.

Be on the lookout for signs of looseness whenever you use an outlet. An

outlet that cannot hold a plug securely has loosened internal blades.

These can easily become hot enough to start a fire and outlets like

this should be replaced immediately. If the entire outlet is loose in

the wall, it also needs prompt attention. Over time, the play of a

loose outlet can wear away the insulation on its wiring, causing

further risk.

Smart Replacement Choices

While an outlet replacement is a fairly straightforward job, don't

overestimate your own abilities when it comes to this critical task. If

you run into conditions that fall outside your personal range of

experience, the safest choice is always to call in the professionals.

When you are replacing outlets, always use quality equipment that

carries the approval of the Underwriters' Laboratories (a UL listing).

Outlets that are installed in areas where exposure to water is likely

(outdoors, kitchens, bathrooms) should always be GFCI models. These

outlets have a built-in circuit breaker and are easily recognized by

the test/reset switch that appears between the two receptacles.

Using Outlets Safely

Even when they are in perfect working order, electrical outlets have to

be used sensibly in order to stay safe. With today's ever-expanding

array of helpful appliances and electronics, you are probably going to

want to get the most out of your outlets and plug in as much as

possible. Always check manufacturer's directions to ensure you are

using outlets properly. Many devices preclude the possibility of

plugging in other high-powered equipment on the same outlet, for


Take a moment to stay smart when you are dealing with power strips and

surge protectors. These power-extenders are invaluable with modern

electronics, but they have to be used properly. Never plug two power

strips into the same outlet and never plug one strip into another (a

risky practice known as "daisy-chaining"). You should always use surge

protectors that have an integrated circuit breaker for maximum

protection. Keep surge protectors away from wet environments and if you

feel one getting uncomfortably hot while it is operating, replace it


When To Call In The Professionals

While you can diagnose a lot of outlet problems on your own and avoid a

lot of them by using your outlets properly, there are some problems

that are simply beyond the abilities of the ordinary homeowner. Knowing

how to recognize these issues and calling in licensed electricians to

deal with them is always the smart course of action. Whenever you know

or suspect that you have wiring issues beyond the outlet itself,

consult with an electrician to determine the proper course of action.

If you are living in or moving into an older house, it is often a good

idea to call in an electrician to give your electrical system a basic

check-up to confirm it will hold up under the rigors of modern

appliances. Older or worn-out wiring can be a serious fire hazard,

especially if you subject it to loads it was never originally designed

to handle. Upgrading your wiring may seem like a pricey job, but it is

far preferable to dealing with the aftermath of an electrical fire!

Your electrical outlets are some of the hardest-working pieces of

equipment in your electrical system. Take care of them to ensure that

you get many years of safe, reliable service out of them! Spotting a

minor issue and correcting it quickly can save you an enormous amount

of trouble down the road.

Carol Robson is a retired social worker who believes in living simply,

being ecologically friendly, and leaving a small footprint. For more

helpful information for others looking to do the same, check out