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Louisville Electricians Blog

Louisville Electricians Blog

  1. First and foremost stay safe.  We are working to serve our community during this struggling period of our lives.  Please call to schedule your electrical service request.  We are taking jobs in matter of priority at this time in an effort to keep personnel and the public safe.  
  2. Hope everyone had a terrific Holiday season in celebration of our great countries independance.  
  3. Spring is here, and time for outdoor fun stuff.  Be safe have your exterior electrical systems checked by a professional.  Call Rohrman Electric Inc. today (502) 419-9450
  4. I hope all is well after the recent hail storm.  

  5. Rohrman Electric Inc., wishes all a MERRY CHRISTMAS, and HAPPY HANUKAH.  Play it safe this Holiday season, keep live trees watered, and be sure to turn off lights at night.  Limit the use, and overloading of electrical circuits.  Minimize extension cords.
  6. Wishing all a Happy Easter.  Today is the day when families gather for food, and chat. Children will hunt for eggs, and all the goodies in baskets.  Today is also the day to celebrate JESUS CHRIST which many have forgotten.  While you gather today give thanks and praise to our Lord and Savior.  Thanks for visiting and have a blessed day.

    Welcome to Louisville.  Our city has become a breeding ground for thugs.  We have mobs of kids terrorizing citizens.  The latest in the crimes on our city is against our children.  These actions must stop, we live in an age where all citizens must be vigilant because government is of no use to us, as the current administrations have shown.  When we remove GOD and all that he stands for from our patriotic country we will become like the thug nation we have become.  This country was founded on religious concepts, and the word of GOD in the words of the BIBLE, and as our society does not want to be held liable for the ruthless behavior they seek than this is what happens.  Louisville has become a have for ruthless behavior, our Government puts more status on the amount of Bourbon bars they can bring in than the spirituality we so desparately need.  Just look at the photo of the playground that has become a death trap    We have to stop ridiculous and calous behavior now
  8. Six more weeks of winter, but don't we have six more weeks anyway.  Well the groundhog saw it's shadow, so we are calling for six more weeks of the cold stuff.  Be safe this season, use your heating items wisely.  Here in Kentucky another heating related fire has taken 3 lives, that is 12 in less than a week.  The latest being a wood stove related fire.  Wether you use electric, wood, gas, or oil please be safe and inspect the elements, and surrounding areas for flamables, and fire concerns.  Keep warm, and most of all stay safe.  Install, check your batteries in the smoke detector, after all they save lives.  Happy Superbowl, and go Broncos.
  9. Tonight marks two years since my Daughter Heather was tragically killed.  I am not sure what will the day will be like.  I sit, and just imagine, the what ifs.  As life rolls on, and I listen to Sad Old Lady Of The Low Lands I imagine her in my arms onced again.  My baby girl gone just like that with no time to say bye.  I love you Heather.
  10. The holidays are in full swing, are your electrical devices.  With Holidays you have Holiday lighting, and decorations.  Have your systems ready to go with a systems check by Rohrman Electric Inc.
  11. New Lower prices on the multi tools you have come to love. 
  12. I hope everyone had a great Holiday weekend.  As many of you experienced it was dark when most of the events occurred.  Don't be stuck in the dark without landscape or accent lighting help guide your way.  We at
    Rohrman Electric Inc. will help in your lighting needs.  Call (502)419-9450 today to schedule an appointment to illuminate your entertainment areas.  

  13. Spring is here and summer is around the corner.  Are you ready to have those backyard cookouts and gatherings or will you be left in the dark.  Call Rohrman Electric Inc. today to have your landscape lighting needs addressed.

    Storm season is upon us, are you prepared with a Cummins Onan Generator?  If the answer is no than now is the time to call Rohrman Electric Inc. for your on site evaluation.  
  15. Thats right you deserve free money or at least a savings on your electric bill. 

    The following Five (5) tips can save you a bundle. 
    Put the money in your pocket, not the utility companies.

    1. Change the direction of your ceiling fan, so that it is in counter clockwise to push the hot air from the ceiling to the living area.
    2. Change the air filter in your heating/cooling system.  This not only improves air quality, but allows your unit to run more eficiently and in turn costing less to operate.
    3. Turn off unneeded lights, this cannot be stressed enough.
    4. Use a lower watt bulb, and better yet use a compact flourescent in your lamps and fixtures.
    5. When laundy time comes, do full loads.  This will lessen the time the machine is operating. 
  16. Rohrman Electric Inc.    

    We proudly support the needs of the community by offering the best prices and the highest quality installation.

    When the weather threatens the comforts of home you will be glad you have a generator installed by Rohrman Electric Inc.  our electricians will provide you with the installation you need as well as the routine maintenance so you will always be assured that when the lights go out you won't be left in the dark. 

  17. This is the first Christmas without my daughter Heather.  I wish all a Merry Christmas, and remember what it is all about.
    For those who have missed or lost someone this year.

    My First Christmas in Heaven
    I see the countless Christmas trees around the world below,
    With tiny lights, like Heaven’s stars reflecting on the snow.
    The sight is so spectacular; please wipe away your tears
    For, I am spending Christmas with Jesus Christ this year.
    I hear the many Christmas songs that people hold so dear,
    But the sounds of music can’t compare with the Christmas choir up here.
    I have no words to tell you, the joy their voices bring,
    For it is beyond description, to hear the angels sing.
    I know how much you miss me; I see the pain inside your heart,
    But I am not so far away, we really aren’t apart.
    So be happy for me, you know I hold you dear,
    And be glad I’m spending Christmas with Jesus Christ this year.
    I sent you each a special gift, from my heavenly home above,
    I sent you each a memory of my everlasting love.
    After all, love is a gift more precious than pure gold.
    It was always most important in the stories that Jesus told.
    Please love and care for each other, as our Father said to do,
    For I can’t count the blessings or love He has for each of you.
    So have a Merry Christmas and wipe away your tears.
    Remember, I am spending Christmas with Jesus Christ this year.

  18. With Christmas coming up and in the middle of Hannukah the electronics will be flowing in and out the house.  Will your homes electrical service be adequate for these demanding devices?  Will you be sure they will operate correctly and be protected against surges and lightning strikes?  Although you have that new surge protector will it be enough?  Call today to set up your home check up of your electrical system and its needs.  We will detail the requirements and needs for your new toys.  Dont let a surge fry your new big screen or that long awaited Xbox.  We will be able to set your mind at ease.  Call (502) 419-9450 to set up your service call today.
  19. As we know in the midwest it has begun to drop in temperature.  As the temp drops the aluminum wiring in our homes will contract and pull away from the terminals.  The weather has yet to drop considerably and we are starting to get numerous calls of burnouts especially within meter bases.  Do not get left in the cold have your systems checked.  Call Rohrman Electric Inc. (502) 419-9450 to set up your appointment.  Mention this blog and recieve 10% off services.
  20. No matter what the people say, the election is up to the electoral college vote.  
    Is there a job in the future for the unemployed?

    So was todays standing in line a waste of time, actually yes because the electoral college is the deciding factor.
    We need to press for the removal of the electoral college, and to go to a straight popular vote.
  21. In response to the relief efforts in New Jersey and New York, Rohrman Electric Inc. will be donating portions of it's proceeds to the Red Cross, to provide meals to the victims of this disaster.  Also the sister site to Rohrman Electric Inc. Tiffany Lamps and Lighting  will also be participating in relief efforts.
  22. The lighting season has begun, are you prepared or will your yard look like a maze of extension cords.  Have our electricians get rid of all these cords with the placement of permanent or if you prefer temporary electrical receptacle junctions.  Is this the way your lighting hookups look  Rohrman Electric Inc. will make your Holiday Lighting both beautiful, and safe to view.  Call the electricians today and set up your display in a safe manner.
  23. The season is here to get the home and office ready for the upcoming Holiday season.  What says Holiday's more than lights.  Is your home and office capable of the added stress on your electrical system.  Do you have receptacles in the proper areas to plug in your light strands.  Call today for your assessment.  (502)419-9450.  
  24. Louisville Electricians, Rohrman Electric Inc. (502) 419-9450

    Have you beeen having electrical problems, non working plugs, switches that don't work.  Have you been bothered by breakers nuisantly tripping, GFCI's not working.  Call now for us to remedy your electrical problems.
  25. With thge oncoming holiday lighting season many customers are fearing the extra cost on their utility bill.  By using the new led's you can get the same or better lighting at a fraction of the utility cost.  Although the initial cost may be a little higher, the return on investment is greater.  LED'S by far have a longer life than traditional bulbs, generate less heat, and are constant in their light output, varying little from the start.  When planning your lighting this season consider the LED lights for the bigger bang for your buck.  Call us today for a consultation on your lighting needs.  (502) 419-9450.     
  26. Contact us for our Labor Day Specials.  10% off labor for new customers. .  (502) 419-9450
  27. Now that the fair is winding down, and school has begun it is time to get ready for the Holiday season.  Is your electric service and fixtures ready for the added requirements needed for the season.  Call today and our Louisville Eletricians will assess your system, and recommend any updates needed.  (502) 419-9450.
  28. Went to the fair today, parking was a mess. Had a good time, looked at exhibits and checked out some money saving ideas.  Sign up for our newsletter which will be starting soon.  We will feature money saving ideas for the home and office.  Thanks for reading our blog check back regularly.
  29. We have teamed up with many new affiliates with money saving tips and products.  Sign up so you won't miss out.
  30. We have reeived anotther donation for Heather's final expenses.  We want to thank all those who have given to this cause for a sweet young lady.  Click link here to contribute.   
  31. Holiday season is coming upon us, so are you ready for the lights.  Thats right are your exterior receptacles ready or perhaps you need some added.  Call us today to get your estimate.  (502) 419-9450
  32. This is the season for patio and deck parties, and with those activities light and power is needed.  Lighting, radios, and hot tubs all require electricity to run, and to run efficiently and hazard free a licensed electrician is a must.  We at Rohrman Electric Inc. are more than capable of powering your deck or patio, so don;t delay call us today at (502) 419-9450.  

  33. People are disgusting period, as I was leaving the cemetery on Derby Day a lady was waiting for a cop so she could make a report about her purse being stolen from her car while she was at her brothers grave.  The lady at the grave seen a punk in a Volvo pull up grab her purse and go.  Is there no sacred places anymore.  What has our society become.  
  34. Derby is around the corner is your homes electrical system ready for the added strain.  Call today for a consultation.  Call for estimates (502) 419-9450
  35. Summer is here is your outdor electric.  Swimming pool electric checks.  Landscape lighting installs and repairs.  Don't wait till the last minute.  Get your pool and outdoor systems in check.  Call today to set up an appointment.
  36. Call for your pool electrical check up today.  Get the pool ready before the heat gets hot.  Check up special just $99 through April.  Mention this ad for 10% off any service.
  37. Check out our lighting e-store for terrific deals on your lighting needs.

    For a limited time shipping is free for all orders of $49.95 for regular delivery and orders of $199.99 for frieght delivery.
    Check out often because new items are being addd regularly.

  38. As we enter the holiday season are you ready for the increased electrical load.  Receptacles need to be in proper working order.  Perhaps the fixtures need to be updated.  We are here to help with your holiday neds no matter what they are, call today for your free estimate.  Order a fixture fom Rohrman Electric Inc. (REI) and recieve 25% off of local installation.

  39. Remembering 9/11 Remember Always!

  40. Holiday season is around the corner, so now is the time to get those lighting fixtures and outside receptacles in fine working order.  Call today, and mention this Blog ad to recieve 10% off all work between now and Dcember 1, 2011.

    As we enter the tenth year anniversary of the fallen on 911, lets pray for them and thier families as well as for Gods guidance through these troubled times.

  41. Today is pretty quiet so far, the day will be hot so ac's will be working overtime.