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Home Theater Sound Tips!!

Home Theater Sound Tips!!

Here Are Three Home Theater Sound Tips From The Experts

Your home theater system is an essential part of your home entertainment system. That's somewhat ironic given that it is one of the most difficult rooms in your home to set up. Electronics can be a little intimating especially if you don't have prior wiring experience. However, you don't need to be an electrician to give your home great sound. There are tons of simple ways to set up your home theater. For instance, most homes don't even have a connection between their DVD players and receivers. Here are three tips that will give you the sound you deserve.

A few things to avoid before you start
Before delving into the electrical its worth knowing what you shouldn't waste investing your into. Here are the two most important things to avoid:

  • Placing your primary three front speakers on the ceiling- Your speakers should always be at ear level. If you must put them higher, make sure you angle them down with a device like a mounting bracket that can adequately support the speaker.
  • "Cubed" speakers- Avoid these at all costs! You don't need these as better sounding speakers can be purchased with only a moderate size increase.
1. Properly wire your speakers- Make sure your wires are properly connected to your receivers. Make sure that the [red = (+), black = (-)] (Polarity) of your speakers is consistent. Connect each speaker to the speaker terminals to the back of the receiver. This may seem straightforward and simple but you will be surprised how many people neglect the little things.
2. Use the right cables- Whether it's your DVD player, cable box, or what have you, you need to use the right cables and connect them to your receiver. For instance, HDMI is the ONLY way you can get HD audio and video from you AV Receiver to your Blu-Ray player.
3. Volume Controls- You need to set an ambiance in your theater and bigger is not necessarily better. Start off properly use your volume controls by setting the volume control to its minimum setting when you power up you system for the first time. After that remember that most AV receivers operate on a 10 point scale where 0 is mute and 10 is the maximum. Balance is always key when it comes to volume controls, and it will vary with the size of your room.
Don’t forget that HD channels do make a difference when trying to get the best sound quality possible.  DirecTV currently has a wide range of HD channels and you can sign up at a discount using
 www.SaveonTVDirect.comYour home theater is the place where you unwind, watch family movies, and entertain your guests. Apply these simple tips and take care in caring for and operating you home theater. Think of it as investment in your home. The more work you put in now the longer you will guarantee great home theater sound for you and your guests.  Don't be afraid to turn you home into your own personal cinema, and don't be afraid to whip out the popcorn machine and theater seating.